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Cartridge replacement

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Steps for cartridge replacement

Cartridge replacement is straightforward. The dose indicator will let you know when you need to do this.

Start by removing the clear base and cartridge

Start by removing the clear base and cartridge.

  • Turn the clear base to loosen it. Your inhaler is now in a locked position.
  • Pull off the cartridge from the inhaler.

Insert new cartridge.

  • Insert the narrow end of the new cartridge into the inhaler
  • Place the inhaler on a firm surface and push down firmly until it clicks into place
Insert new cartridge
Track cartridge

Track cartridge.

  • Mark the check-box on the inhaler's label to track the number of cartridges
  • Put the clear base back into place until it snaps back automatically

Reading the dose indicator

dose indicator white

The dose indicator shows the number of remaining doses.

dose indicator yellow

Yellow means there are only 10 puffs left and you will need a new cartridge soon. 

dose indicator red

Red tells you when the cartridge is used up and needs replacing. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • Since 17th of September 2019 your pharmacist or healthcare professional has only been able to dispense a Respimat® re-usable inhaler.
  • The existing prescription details have not changed, including the dose of medicine you take. The daily use of the Respimat® inhaler is still the same.
  • Do not throw the Respimat® re-usable inhaler away when the cartridge is empty
  • You can use up to six cartridges before you need a new inhaler and there is a counter on the side of the inhaler for you to track the amount of cartridges that have been used with each inhaler
  • Contact your nurse, doctor or pharmacist for a new prescription when the dose counter on the cartridge changes colour to yellow

Respimat® re-usable is supplied as a single pack (one Respimat® re-usable inhaler plus one cartridge). Single refill packs are also available that contain one cartridge, but no inhaler. One cartridge contains one month’s usage (60 puffs, which equals 30 medicinal doses).

Six cartridges can be used with each Respimat® re-usable inhaler, after which time you should be given a new inhaler.

You should contact your doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

The Respimat® re-usable inhaler is labelled with a cartridge counter to help patients keep track of how many cartridges they have used. One box on the label should be ticked each time a new cartridge is inserted, and you should replace your inhaler after the sixth cartridge has been used.

The dose indicator shows how many puffs remain in the cartridge. When there are 10 puffs (5 medicinal doses) remaining the indicator will change from white to yellow and you should get a new cartridge. When the cartridge indicator turns red the cartridge is used up and needs replacing.

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